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Each and every one of us has a place in the world that is truly special.

As a painter, I love to work one-on-one with people to capture the essence of what makes a place truly special to them. The process involves spending time on the land, recording it photographically, and listening to the stories that bring the personal history of the place to life, before going into the studio to complete the work.

I make the canvas and circular, laminated cedar frame for each painting by hand. I consider these paintings as family heirlooms, something to pass down to future generations.

We’ve documented the creation of my most recent commissions of Little Qualicum Beach and Tofino’s Rosie Bay on my Facebook page, with photos and commentary – and lots of great feedback.

Please contact me for further information regarding commissioned works.

© Lee RobinsongAnybody familiar with Lee Robinsong’s body of work knows that he is an amazing artist. What they might not know is that he is highly professional when it comes to doing commissions. When commissioned to paint “Intertidal Zone, Little Qualicum Beach”, Lee quickly provided the costing and a timeline for the project, and he stuck to them. He visited LQB for several days to get a feel for the place and took hundreds of photos. As the work progressed, Lee provided comments and photos, directly and on Facebook, leaving us with a fascinating record of the process. As my neighbours at LQB will avow, the final work is stunning in its detail and beauty. He not only captured the feel of the place, he brought it to life on canvas. Thank you, Lee Robinsong!

Tim Lawson

© Kaeli Robinsong
© Tim Lawson